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Friday, October 2, 2009

 A “no-host” party at Matt Denny’s Ale House & Restaurant in Arcadia was attended by 20 classmates and spouses.  It  was great fun to get re-acquainted with people we hadn’t seen for up to 45 years (since graduation) in a casual setting.
Click here for photos at Matt Denny's Ale House party.

Saturday, October 3, 2009.

Lynne Best as co-chair of the reunion committee, acted as the Mistress of Ceremonies for the evening, and welcomed everyone to the reunion, especially our Class President Roger Clemens and his wife Cathy, and Mr. Wicks.

Lynn Kennedy greeted people outside the venue as they arrived, and took everyone’s picture.  We have those and many more pictures posted on the website.

All but a few who had registered to come to the reunion attended.  46 classmates attended - and with spouses and guests we had a grand total of 67 attendees.  One of our classmates came from as far away as Washington, DC (actually, Reston, VA), one from Ohio, one from Oregon, one from Washington, two from Arizona, and two from Nevada.

Much sharing of memories, and current history was done throughout the evening. Our class president, Dr. Roger Clemens was invited by Lynne to say a few words to those gathered.  He also was joking with Bob O’Donnell, that since they both live in the San Fernando Valley, that perhaps the next reunion should be jointly held in their respective backyards (that made for a few laughs).

We had a great DJ, who provided music and sound throughout the evening.  Some of us danced to our favorites from "the old days", but many of us were having fun talking to classmates we haven't seen for years.

Before Lynne closed the evening, she encouraged people to complete the questionnaires with ideas as to what they might like to have as a 50th Anniversary/Reunion.  From there she thanked the committee members for all of their hard work over the past couple of years, and encouraged people to say “adios” to Susan Laughlin Perez and her husband Ruben, as they were moving to Missouri later in the month.

See you all in 2014!  PLEASE STAY IN TOUCH WITH THE REUNION COMMITTEE by sending us any changes in your address or phone number, and please send us your email address as well.  Unfortunately, our “missing classmates” list is now twice as large as it was when we prepared for this reunion. 

Lynne Best, Chairperson

We had a wonderful time at the reunion.  Enjoy the photos!

Shown at registration table are Dennis (Durr) Garyson, Maryann (Flowers) Rachford, Don Dodd, Connie Dodd, Susan (Laughlin) Perez, and Bob O'Donnell.

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Couldn't make it this year?  Please keep the committee updated with your current address and e-mail.  We don't want you on our "Missing Classmates" list! 

Toby Wykes needs your help. If you know where a classmate is, please contact him by email at:  tobywykes@aol.com

Click here for a list of Missing Classmates