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Ted Carothers
As we were beginning our freshman year in 1961, Mr. Carothers started teaching at Temple City High.  "I had a great time teaching Social Studies (Anthropology) at T.C.H.S. with my partner, Art Sawicki,"  he wrote.   He retired in 1989, then lived three years in Vancouver, Washington, before moving back to Southern California 16 years ago.  "I am  married and living in Sun City (Palm Desert), California.  My wife [Linda] and I like to go R.V.ing and spend as much time as possible during the hot summer months away from the desert."  Mr. Carothers sent his best wishes, and wants us to let him know if we have another get-together.

Allan Shuey
Mr. Shuey taught a variety of subjects during his 31 years at Temple City High, but says he enjoyed biology the best.  "I left T.C.H.S. with a nice feeling - I enjoyed my years there."  He still lives in the same home in Temple City.  Since retiring he has done some volunteer presentations at Temple City elementary schools.  He also sold real estate until the market dropped, but is now truly retired.  He has enjoyed golfing with fellow faculty members Ted Carothers, Don Silva, Dick Johnson (now deceased), and Bob Tippy.  He also was active in a Temple City bowling league.Mr. Shuey's two daughters both became teachers.  One teaches English at Los Osos High School in Rancho Cucamonga.  The other has taught various subjects at T.C.H.S.  He has five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Bob Wicks
After a five year stint at TCHS, Mr. Wicks taught another 30 years at Fullerton College. Now retired, he lives in nearby Brea, and we have been pleased to see him at recent class reunions. You can visit his website, www.bobwicks.homestead.com, to see photos from his 1998 trip to Denmark, Norway, and Poland and read his bio, some poems, and humorous essays. He writes,"Students have determined the quality of my working life. The quality of students that I had in my classes from the very start has been phenomenal. My first five years were spent teaching at Temple City High School. Those kids were amazing. Because I didn't know better, I asked them to do work that should have been beyond high school. They not only did it, but they did it well. The brightest students went way beyond even what was asked of them. The average students accomplished everything that was asked of them. The students who found the work beyond what they were ready to do, managed to do more than they thought they could do. That was the atmosphere in those five years. In their free time, they were creative, funny, mischievous. No teacher could have gotten off to a better start."

Marjorie Mohr
Miss Mohr was one of the original staff at TCHS; when she began, she was only three years older than some of her students, and found it a lot of fun. She taught Physical Education and Performing Arts for 20 years, then moved into the classroom to teach English and Social Studies. After 34 years at TCHS, she retired to Las Vegas. She loved Las Vegas and her wonderful neighbors and church, but has recently returned to live with her sister in Duarte. In addition to her time in Las Vegas, she has enjoyed traveling to visit family in Iowa, and spending vacations at her beach house just south of Ensenada, Mexico.
We were delighted to have her attend our 60th birthday bash, where she drew the winning name (Ross Turner) for the Rams jacket raffle. She said it was the students at TCHS that made it special, and she misses them all very much. She continues to keep in touch with some of them.

Georgie Coulter
Mrs. Coulter was unable to attend our birthday bash for a very good reason; she was visiting one of her sons and two grandchildren in Seoul, Korea! Retired after teaching in Temple City and Sacramento, she keeps busy as a school board member and volunteers in various organizations. She wrote, "Give my affectionate greetings to your classmates. My years in Temple City were happy ones."

Ed Mohr
Mr. Mohr accepted a coaching/teaching job at TCHS in 1957 and continued doing that for 36 years.  He says he enjoyed every minute of it.  "The quality of the students and faculty made those years enjoyable, and the parent support was outstanding.  I was fortunate to be involved with the longest football winning streak that TCHS ever had...64 winning games in a row!"  Coach Mohr served as athletic director and offensive line coach.Mr. Mohr and his wife of 54 years moved to San Diego 16 years ago.  They enjoy living close to their children and four grandchildren.  They all live within four blocks of each other!   "We attend a lot of athletic events, of course, and it's fun to be able to see them perform."  He still plays tennis, and spends time as a Volunteer Sheriff.   He noted that they still keep in touch with Bob and Joanne Hitchcock, Don and Patty Swanson, and other coaches "of the era."

In Memoriam: Jacque William Cohen
Mr. Cohen, teacher and counselor at TCHS, died in February, 2008 of cancer. He served as our class counselor until leaving in 1962 to serve as Vice Principal and Principal in South Pasadena. A third generation Californian, he was born in San Francisco in 1924 and moved to the Central Valley in 1934. After high school, he enlisted in the U.S. Naval Cadet Program, and earned his flight wings in 1944. He married his high-school sweetheart, Nelda Stratton, that same day. He served as a naval aviator through the remainder of World War II in the Ferry Command and on the island of Okinawa. He received his BA from the University of California, Santa Barbara. In addition to his duties as teacher, counselor, and administrator, he served the State of California Department of Education as a mediator in the Special Education Program. He also remained active in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, retiring in 1972 as Colonel, USMC Reserve. Mr. Cohen was also active in the Rotary Club, and was an active volunteer at the Pacific Coast Air Museum and proud member of the California Pioneer Society. He is survived by four daughters, nine grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. Donations may be sent to: Children's Hospital Foundation, P.O. Box 50020, Seattle, WA 98145 to the Hematology and Oncology Fund on behalf of great-granddaughter Mackenzie Grace Miller.

In Memoriam:  Edith Ackerman
Edith Ackerman taught for 19 years at Temple City High, retiring in 1977.  She had graduated magna cum laude in journalism and liberal studies from USC in 1936, and received a master's in education in 1955 as well as a master's in English in 1968.  She taught English, humanities, literature, journalism, and yearbook, and was advisor for the newspaper and yearbook.  She was named an Outstanding Secondary Teacher of America in 1973.  Upon retirement she joined the Serrano chapter of the D.A.R., where she held many offices.  She passed away July 29, 2008, in Glendora.  She was preceeded in death by her husband of 45 years, Allen.  She is survived by two daughters, four grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.