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Following is a list of classmates reported to the committee as being deceased.  Those indicated with an asterisk were known deceased as of our 25th anniversary in 1989.  All others have passed in the succeeding years.

We are not always advised of cause of death, and if we were advised, we are not at liberty to release the cause.

  Tom Alexander (2012)

  Roselyn Boudreaux

  Bob Brigham

* Ronald Brown
  Rich Canzoneri

  Galen Capek

  Bonnie (Chapouris) Mallory (04/06/14)

  Charles M. Coffland (2003)

* Jim Crane
   Sara Crews (Wheeler)

   Terry Cynar (2016)

 * Alan Dahlson

   Melody Sue Daniels (Gastineaud) 2017

   Bill Dowell

   Jim Dwyer

   Don Fitzjohn

* Don Gibbons

   Carol Gillen (Ferreira) (2011)

   Bob Glade (2013)

   Patricia Henry (Morse) (2014)

   Bob Hillis (4/17)

   Linda Ann Hodges (Burbidge) (1993)           

* Steve Holtz

   Carol Ipsen

   Mark Jones (2013)

* Carol Kimberling

   Sue Leine (2013)

   Janet Little (Sieker) (2012)

   Rich Lombardi

   Mac McConaghy

   Joan Mercolino (Vargo) (2015)

   Jean Million (Leanos) (2012)

   Mike Molnar    

   Dennis Packer (2012)

   Tana Sanborn (Leslie)
* Craig Schoenbaum (1967)

   Scott Seeger

   Scott Sell

   Rick Shaw

   Paulina "Piki" Socolovsky

   Susan Sperling (Zamora) (2015)

   Ralph Springer

   Linda Stover (Vales) (2013)  

   Mike Tolmachoff (2011)

 * Leona Van Tongeren


Bob McAlister - 2013

   Jack Cohen (counselor) - 2014

   Grant Gaunce (swim coach) - 2010

   Ed Mohr (coach/teacher) - 2013