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                                             52nd Anniversary
                                                 Mini Reunion
                                          October 11-13, 2016

                                           Bridge View Room
                                       Riverside Resort & Casino
                                              Laughlin, NV

From Lynne:

     For those of you who did not attend our event in Laughlin, NV, you really missed out on a great time.  We opened with our "hospitality suite" on Tuesday afternoon, and as more folks showed up, no one wanted to leave at the end of our time; everyone was having such a great time getting reacquainted with folks that they had not seen for years.  What started with four or five around a table, developed into a group of 12-14.  Several classmated and spouses did not arrive until Wednesday, so many from Tuesday came back in Wednesday, and the group continued to reminisce, while others went sight-seeing during the day. Thursday afternoon found the last of the arrivals joining some of the group from the first two days.  Then it was time to retire and get ready for the party itself.  We had a great waitress from the "banquet staff" taking cocktail orders, and then the staff bringing in our wonderful buffet dinner were as gracious and cordial as you could ever want.  After dinner, we began the drawinggs.  Barbara Nelson had created some very nice baskets with wine, "goodies", and a few special wine glasses made by Toby Wykes.  We started with the baskets, and then moved on to the 50/50 drawing, which was won by Ruthann (Cox) Carothers.  She was most gracious in giving the Committee her winnings to help them continue their work.  Some other work that Toby had created were "trekking sticks", and some glass works that were quite clever (unfortunately, no pictures, but if you check out his facebook page you can probably see some of them).  Some of these items were purchased by our classmates/guests as well as two of the "staff" and although there were no set prices, people offered what they were comfortable paying.  Toby generously donated the proceeds to the Committee (Thank you Toby!)  Near the end of the party, Lynne Best read the "Last Wills & Testaments" from our senior year final issue of the "Rampage" newspaper.  That proved to be quite interesting in trying to figure out who was responsible for a particular entry.  You could either see the person responsible turning red or readily admitting the deed!  Lots of laughs were the game of the night.  As we parted company, there were a lot of hugs, and cries of "let's do it again next year!"  However, we all agreed that we should get together again in 2 years (2018).  We certainly look forward to seeing more of you come to that next get-together, regardless of where it may be.  As usual, your committee will do its best to make it a great event, at a reasonable cost.  Everyone was pleased with this venue, the food, the access to sightseeing, and just getting together.

"Welcome" sign created by Barbara Nelson in 2014

Don Dodd

Dennis Durr Garyson & Barbara Nelson in front of the class picture
(Courtesy Barry Perrou in 2004)

Lynn Kennedy

Dennis Durr

John "Jack" Chambers & wife Tip

Pearl (Berumen) Gornik

Sena (Garrett) Zimmer

Howard Crosson & wife Janis

Sena (Garrett) Zimmer & Don Dodd

Dennis Durr Garyson & Lynne Best

Kathy & Toby Wykes

Howard McNeil

Mary (Bell) Kus & husband Dan

Ruthann (Cox) Carothers & husband Robert

Alexander "Zandy" Toth & wife Martha

Doug MacKenzie & wife Gloria

Pearl (Berumen) Gornik & Don Dodd

Toby Wykes

Kathy Wykes & Mary (Bell) Kus